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At one point or another, we’ve all wondered about the history of the house where we live.  When was it built?  Who have the owners been over the years?  Is my house historically significant?  These questions often go unanswered because people aren’t sure where to start looking.  The truth is… local government agencies keep all kinds of records about you and the property where you live.  Most of the records are freely available to the public and can be viewed not just by genealogists or scholars but by people like you and me.

If you are interested in hiring me to research the history of your house, please send an email to:

 web [at] sachistorichouse [dot] com 

House History Report includes:
Timeline and biographical highlights of owners/residents
List of changes to the property (permits filed), if available
Photocopy of early property or neighborhood map
Miscellaneous information about past residents or property or photos (e.g. structure was once a boarding house)

Cost = $300

Special Offer! First 10 years of your house’s history for: $189
Get everything listed above for the first 10 years of your house's existence. Enjoy the early years for less!

You can also find my basic "how to" article on researching your home's history at eHow (link below):

How to Research the History of Your House

Both the Sacramento Public Library and SAMCC also have handouts on house history research.

Happy Hunting!!!