The Orangery and Other London Must-See Places

I’m still having that strange sensation of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where I am. Is it our hotel in Kensington? A small flat in Lincolnshire? I struggle to adjust my eyes to the darkness… ah yes, there is our window and there is the bathroom door. We […]

I Heart London

Back from the smoke (aka London). More to come!

Top 10 Tips for Traveling to London

View of Hyde Park from our hotel on our last visit.

We’re off to England soon for a bit of vacation (and a wee bit of work thrown in). I compiled this top tip list during my last visit to London and even though it may come across as a bit cranky (which I […]

The Four Seasons Hotel, Florence

© The Four Seasons Hotel

Okay no I didn’t get to go visit this one… not yet at least.

I was sitting/waiting in a hot car recently (and I mean hot as in Sacramento summer hot) and flipping through Virtuoso Travel magazine when I stopped cold at the ad for the new Four Seasons […]

Sac Historic House Profile: The Huntington Hotel

When was the last time a hotel made you feel like putting on a vintage Givenchy gown and ordering an Old Fashioned at the bar? Never? Well…

Welcome to the Huntington.

Located in the rarefied air of Nob Hill in San Francisco, the Huntington Hotel has been charming guests since its first incarnation as […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Seaton Delaval

I am and have been one of you. I have sat in a cubicle facing a fabric wall with no windows in sight. I have stared blankly at a spreadsheet on my computer screen pretending to work, occasionally scrolling up and down for effect. I have had bosses that I dreaded and have longed […]

La Playa Hotel in Carmel

What’s not to love about Carmel, California? There’s breathtaking scenery, a thriving art scene, delicious restaurants, pampered pooches, and, of course… charming historic properties. One of the best known historic houses in Carmel is the La Playa Hotel, which was originally built by Norwegian-born artist Christian Jorgensen as a home for his new bride, […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Tyntesfield House, England

*photo ©NTPL/Andrew Butler

I first fell in love with Tyntesfield house when I saw it profiled in a magazine. Located in the English countryside near Bath, the gothic revival estate with quirky Victorian interiors had fallen into disrepair and when it was finally put up for sale, many joined the efforts to come to […]

Is Variety the Spice of Life?

Some of you may have seen the article in O Magazine this month that talked about how sometimes choosing new experiences (food was the example) over favorite experiences will give you more pleasure and be more memorable. Now this seems like quite a loaded statement. If you try new things all of the time, […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Thierry Roch of Historic Hotels of America

*Napa River Inn photo courtesy of Historic Hotels of America

Recently I was lucky enough to interview Thierry Roch, Executive Director of the Historic Hotels of America (a Preferred Hotel Group). I like the fact that the HHofA group are helping to raise the profile of smaller historic hotels by associating them with larger […]