You Were Superfine, 2009… And So Was I.

Although it was a strange year of little money and even less glamour… 2009 was off the charts in terms of career/work fulfillment and creativity. My self-esteem which had taken a bit of a beating the year before increased with every new project and experiment. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about appreciating […]

An Ever-changing Wish List

I’ve talked before about Mondo Beyondo lists (title courtesy of Superhero) and writing it down to make it happen but there’s something new to this process that I’m discovering. It seems when looking at my gloriously long things to do in life from 2006 that I had a lot more… what’s the word… energy […]

Not Too Late, 2008

© Gainsborough Pictures

“I’ve no regrets. I’ve been everywhere and done everything. I’ve eaten caviar at Cannes, sausage rolls at the dogs. I’ve played baccarat at Biarritz and darts with the rural dean. What is there left for me but marriage?” ~Iris Henderson in The Lady Vanishes (1938)

As we approach Thanksgiving and the […]

Wishin’ and hopin’

Someday I would like to own a little house on a leafy lane with a garden in the back and a porch in front. It will have built-in shelves, a swinging door to the kitchen, a hallway lined with family photos, and a dining room with a charming chandelier. The bathroom will be tiled […]