Sac Historic House Profile: Cragside

©NTPL/Ian Shaw – Cragside gardens

Driving in to work the other morning, I said to my husband “…there is the train station. We could turn left instead of right and be at the train station. We could turn left, take the train to the San Francisco airport and be on the next flight to […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Seaton Delaval

I am and have been one of you. I have sat in a cubicle facing a fabric wall with no windows in sight. I have stared blankly at a spreadsheet on my computer screen pretending to work, occasionally scrolling up and down for effect. I have had bosses that I dreaded and have longed […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Tyntesfield House, England

*photo ©NTPL/Andrew Butler

I first fell in love with Tyntesfield house when I saw it profiled in a magazine. Located in the English countryside near Bath, the gothic revival estate with quirky Victorian interiors had fallen into disrepair and when it was finally put up for sale, many joined the efforts to come to […]