Dream Hotels, Wizard of Oz and Merry Christmas!

I so wish I had written this (too short) article on the must-see hotels of the world. I think about things like this all of the time!

Been watching far too much tv lately. Stuff on the Lifetime channel, even! Can I just say that my hands-down favorite part of The Wizard of Oz […]

Home for the Holidays

This weekend provides a rare opportunity for people like you and me to get a glimpse inside some of the wonderful homes of East Sacramento during the Sacred Heart Home Tour. Admission is a bit steep at $30 ($20 advanced) but it’s for a good cause…

Speaking of delightful old houses… […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Cragside

©NTPL/Ian Shaw – Cragside gardens

Driving in to work the other morning, I said to my husband “…there is the train station. We could turn left instead of right and be at the train station. We could turn left, take the train to the San Francisco airport and be on the next flight to […]

Mystery in Old Sacramento

I took some photos in Old Sacramento over the holiday weekend and stumbled upon something I’d never seen before (despite having been billions of times – well, numerous times). Of course now I can’t remember which street it’s on, but right off one of the walkways there is a white arch and steps that […]