Foreign Office & India Office – Open House London

There were so many great things about our recent trip to England but one event that stands out was Open House London. Over the two days I managed to see the Foreign Office & India Office, Marlborough House, the old Turkish Baths and my favorite… the Reform Club.

The Reform Club is a private gentleman’s […]

Holiday in England

Hey cats and kittens. We are off to England for a holiday. I will be meeting up with a house historian and visiting old buildings during Open House London. So, there will be some interesting things to report upon our return.


Good Ex-Pat Blogs To Fuel Your Escapism

Lately, I’ve been a leeeetle bit obsessed with reading ex-pat blogs. Basically I’ve been devouring the writings of people I don’t know and will never meet just to catch a glimpse into the day to day life of being an American in a strange new world. This interest in overseas living is partly due […]

The House Historian of England

I think most of my readers know by now that I do house history research here in Sacramento. So I was quite thrilled to be-friend the lovely Melanie Backe-Hansen, who is the first in-house historian to be employed by a UK estate agency. Translation: she’s a supersleuth of houses in England who regularly runs […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Cragside

©NTPL/Ian Shaw – Cragside gardens

Driving in to work the other morning, I said to my husband “…there is the train station. We could turn left instead of right and be at the train station. We could turn left, take the train to the San Francisco airport and be on the next flight to […]

The Orangery and Other London Must-See Places

I’m still having that strange sensation of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where I am. Is it our hotel in Kensington? A small flat in Lincolnshire? I struggle to adjust my eyes to the darkness… ah yes, there is our window and there is the bathroom door. We […]

I Heart London

Back from the smoke (aka London). More to come!

Top 10 Tips for Traveling to London

View of Hyde Park from our hotel on our last visit.

We’re off to England soon for a bit of vacation (and a wee bit of work thrown in). I compiled this top tip list during my last visit to London and even though it may come across as a bit cranky (which I […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Seaton Delaval

I am and have been one of you. I have sat in a cubicle facing a fabric wall with no windows in sight. I have stared blankly at a spreadsheet on my computer screen pretending to work, occasionally scrolling up and down for effect. I have had bosses that I dreaded and have longed […]

Is Variety the Spice of Life?

Some of you may have seen the article in O Magazine this month that talked about how sometimes choosing new experiences (food was the example) over favorite experiences will give you more pleasure and be more memorable. Now this seems like quite a loaded statement. If you try new things all of the time, […]