House Portraits by Fifi Flowers

Images ©Fifi Flowers and used with permission.

How cute are these commissioned house portraits by Fifi Flowers? The charming colors and whimsical style would brighten up anyone’s office, livingroom, kitchen, etc. If you’ve got a historic house that you are especially proud of, wouldn’t it be fun to get a painting of your house […]

A Dinner Table At Night

A Dinner Table at Night. John Singer Sargent, 1884.

Maybe it’s because of the 105 degree heat outside, but I can’t stop looking at the above painting by John Singer Sargent. I pulled it out of a folder I have on my computer called “Law of Attraction” (yes, I saw The Secret and have […]

How To Enjoy Your Local Museum

I recently posted an article on eHow about how to get the most out of your local art or history museum. Speaking of which… when was the last time you were in the Crocker? You might be surprised at their top notch collection and exhibits (no that’s not the new ad slogan!). Go for […]

Thomas Crown and art crime

In 1999, Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo starred in a lively remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. The film was not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but it was entertaining enough. As was my habit in those days, I became quite obsessed with Russo’s character Catherine Banning who was supposed to […]