Home for the Holidays

This weekend provides a rare opportunity for people like you and me to get a glimpse inside some of the wonderful homes of East Sacramento during the Sacred Heart Home Tour. Admission is a bit steep at $30 ($20 advanced) but it’s for a good cause…


Speaking of delightful old houses… check out this charming Georgian house advent calendar (first spied on Posy’s adorable blog). I could crawl inside and live there forever!

If you are planning to drive around looking at Christmas lights this December, be sure to stop at Ginger Elizabeth’s for a cup of her amazing Oaxacan Hot Chocolate with homemade marshmallows. [If you recall this was on my list of to-do’s for December] I’m so addicted to everything in her shop… I have to restrain myself and count the days between visits.

After indulging at GE’s shop, you might want to walk/jog/dance it off while listening to some new tunes. I’m at an age now where I rarely buy new music but I was in a bar on Thankgiving night… which sounds more dubious than it was… surrounded by fresh out of college hipsters and listening to a great band on the jukebox. I liked the tune so much, I leaned over the bar and yelled to the bartender “who is this?” – pointing up in the air at some undefinable entity above. The bartender continued to dry a glass as she stoically replied, “The Kills.”

And this next bit is what makes me feel old… I actually got out a pen and piece of paper and wrote down the name of the band. C’mon! Because The Kills is just too hard for me to remember? I could understand if it was Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci…

Anyway, I bought the cd and have been enjoying it this week. I also recommend going back and checking out their previous releases.

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