Historic Signs on the Riverfront Promenade

Has anyone else noticed those interesting historic information signs along the riverfront promenade in Old Sac? They make for some good reading prior to your boozy dinner (or lunch) at Rio City Café. Prior being the optimum word. It’s no use trying to make sense of the Pony Express after a few cocktails.

This particular sign is behind Embassy Suites and caught my eye for some reason. It’s a laundry ticket from the Sacramento Laundry which used to be housed at Front and O Streets. A Scotsman named A.M. Cameron (along with a few others) began the Sacramento Laundry around 1903. By 1913, the successful company had 12 laundry facilities in the area and was still expanding.

By the way, what kind of Detention Home needs 20 sheets and pillow slips washed but only one napkin? Don’t they feed those people?

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