In Which I Am Supermodel For 10 Minutes

Photo demonstrates windy weather!

Recently I had the pleasure of having my photo taken for Inside Publications. They are doing an article on me and my house history research for the November issue. I thought to myself… right… photoshoot time. So I hauled out my favorite guilty pleasure movie Catwalk (1996) and studied up on life as a supermodel. Okay, easy. Sit around and have people take care of your every need… then stand for a few minutes to get the shot, right?

Well, not exactly. Our photoshoot was outside in the blustering wind, where I stood in the gutter with crazy hair – while a couple of impatient gardeners stood just outside of the shot waiting for us to finish so they could continue blowing dead leaves into the street. Just me and the extremely nice photographer (hi Linda!). No hairstylist, makeup artist, scurrying interns or Veuve Clicquot. So if you see the photo and wonder why I’m not smiling with my eyes or looking “fierce”… now you know.

Naaah, it was great fun. Many thanks to the friendly and funny Julie Foster and Inside Pubs for setting this up. Work it!

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