The Four Seasons Hotel, Florence

© The Four Seasons Hotel

Okay no I didn’t get to go visit this one… not yet at least.

I was sitting/waiting in a hot car recently (and I mean hot as in Sacramento summer hot) and flipping through Virtuoso Travel magazine when I stopped cold at the ad for the new Four Seasons Hotel, Florence. Those advertising geniuses certainly ticked all of the boxes for me. Set in the gorgeous Italian city of Florence synonymous with cultural and culinary pursuits, the hotel’s restored historic buildings beckon travelers with their friezes and vaulted ceilings, guest rooms overlooking formal gardens and the kind of dignified service that one expects from a Four Seasons property.

© The Four Seasons Hotel

The hotel (which opened this summer) occupies two former palatial estates, the 15th century Palazzo della Gherardesca and the Conventino, a 16th century Palazzo (and as the name suggests – a former convent). There is an outdoor pool and a two-story Spa in addition to the usual well-appointed rooms and Johnny-on-the-spot type concierge who provides everything from umbrellas to digital cameras for guests who find themselves without. Although how you can be without a camera in Florence is beyond me.

© The Four Seasons Hotel

I spent the day in Florence a few years ago and I have to admit my reaction was sort of… eh. I know. I was as surprised as you. As a lover of art history, architecture, food, gelato and la dolce vita in general, it didn’t make sense to me why I was listlessly strolling around the Uffizi and Santa Croce. Did I try to cram too much into one day? Was it the previous night’s Chianti in Siena? Perhaps it was the Italian men. All of my girlfriends said they would be tirelessly complimenting me with bella this and bellisima that. Well that didn’t happen. I mean I’m no Christy Turlington but come on… I’m reasonably attractive. Not even a wink? I had more flirty waiters in Paris (and that’s saying something)!

So, yes, you got to me Four Seasons, Florence… with your gorgeous ads and your heavenly descriptions. Shall we meet sometime in the spring?

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