Things I’m Loving Right Now

Mad Men (season 1) – Who knew life was so awful in 1960? This AMC television drama is highly watchable, despite beating you over the head with the fact that in the past people smoked, were sexist, were racist, had affairs, drove without seatbelts, drank during the day, and were generally depressed. Uh, did I say this was set in the past? Sounds pretty current to me. My love affair with the show may be brief as there really aren’t any likeable characters so far – but oh the costumes and the hair and the hats!

Doing the right thing – Thank you to BJ’s Brewery in Roseville (yes, I went to Roseville… it happens) for providing good customer service without my asking. My husband ordered a dish without onions, it showed up with onions, when he brought it to our server’s attention, she whisked it away, brought out a new one, and removed the dish from the final bill. It was a Saturday and yes we did have to wait quite awhile for food… however I appreciated the free meal (or rather my husband did). The sad thing is that customer service has gotten so bad in the past few years that I’m applauding behavior that really should be the standard… but anyway, because of this I will continue to visit BJ’s Brewery.

Stuff White People Like – Despite its dubious and possibly racist title, I found this blog and subsequent book to be fairly accurate and extremely funny. Judge for yourself.

Anticipating Mamma Mia – So when you’re near me, darling can’t you hear me S.O.S. What’s not to love?

Central Air – As much as we loved living in a historic 100 year old house last summer, we are happy as clams in our apartment where we crank the environment destroying a/c until I’m so “cool” that I start to crave hot chocolate. I’m not saying it’s right… but if loving you is wrong… etc…

My hair – Thanks to my fantastic stylist at Light Reflections on Fulton. I’m not going to tell you her name because it’s hard enough getting an appointment as it is.


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