Storybook Cottages

(Believe it or not, I haven’t taken many cute cottage photos in my time. This is actually the Hamlet at Versailles from when I was there last.)

I’m a bit late in mentioning this but do check out Cottage Living’s Jan/Feb issue that features Carmel, CA storybook cottages. I think the photo sample of storybook architectural details goes a long way in explaining what I meant when I talked about recognizing “magic cottages” a couple of months ago.

Also under the category of things slipping away unnoticed by me is the demise of the glossy and pretty House & Garden magazine. One of my favorite things about this magazine was the “On The Set” articles on movie sets/locations. For example the January 2007 issue featured that storybook cottage set from the Kate Winslet film The Holiday. I loved that cottage… (not the movie, unfortunately)

It’s sad to see that mag go under, but then again there are so many similar magazines on the market now, it’s tough to stand out.

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