A Swoony Little Trip to London and Scotland

We’ve just returned from a lovely vacation in the UK. I had been to Scotland before a long time ago but not for more than a day or so (on a tour). It was great to return and see a few familiar places and a few new ones too. I love Scotland. I even ate some haggis and drank some Scotch. That’s how much I love Scotland.

As usual we stopped in London to see friends and family. It was Halloween and I saw some great carved pumpkins which I unfortunately didn’t get photos of. Halloween was followed quickly by Guy Fawkes (Bonfire Night) – I caught a few different small fireworks displays from our hotel window (see photo #1 for our super view). The city of London didn’t do any fireworks, having been all fireworked out by the jubilee and the Olympics. And I still didn’t get to see anyone collect for or burn “the man” on a bonfire… ah well, maybe next year.

Since there is no Thanksgiving celebration in England (natch), the Christmas decorations were out in full force. I kept shielding my eyes and saying “too soon, too soon!” but to no avail. The good news is that I was able to find the mincemeat with beef suet that my friend wanted me to pick up, and I’m guessing that only comes out at Christmas time.

On to the photos!

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