Temple Coffee on Fair Oaks

teacups and pot
Not a shot from Temple, but rather my own tea party for the royal wedding last year

My husband was released from his office cage early yesterday so we decided to claim our extra time together at the new Temple Coffee location on Fair Oaks Blvd. It was such a beautiful day to sit by the window and they had propped open one of the doors, so I enjoyed the cool fresh air coming in as I sipped my tea.

Full confession – we stopped at Esther’s Cupcakes first to pick up a treat each before heading next door to Temple. Okay but moving on to the teas. My husband ordered the Ceylon (I snuck a sip, it was very good) and I had the special concoction known as Bliss. I’m not sure exactly what’s in it, but I think it’s soy milk, peppermint tea and maybe some coconut water? It’s a creamy decadent treat, perfect for a sweet afternoon with your significant other.

The folks that work at this location are super nice too. I asked about the brush they use to clean the necks of their small teapots (I’m in the market for something for my own teapot, pictured above) and the guy went back, grabbed the brush they use and brought it out to show me. They also did not give us a hard time for bringing in treats from next door, which can’t have made them too happy.

So check out Temple on F.O. Blvd. next time you are out and about.

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