Wishin’ and hopin’

Someday I would like to own a little house on a leafy lane with a garden in the back and a porch in front. It will have built-in shelves, a swinging door to the kitchen, a hallway lined with family photos, and a dining room with a charming chandelier. The bathroom will be tiled in white with a big bathtub and a window that lets in morning light. My kitchen will be big enough for two to cook but small enough to where it couldn’t fit an “island”. There will be a fireplace. There will be closet space. There will be character.

Alas, I have behaved badly in the past.  There is no nest egg large enough for a down payment. No money set aside since I started working at 16. Savings have been spent on trips to Europe and dinners out. Career paths have been wonky. Coupons tossed. Money thrown at problems.

But it’s there inside, this spark of faith that one day we will have a quiet place to sleep in on Saturday mornings, to brew cups of tea, to try out decorating ideas from Romantic Homes magazine, to anticipate leaving and rejoice at returning, and to share with friends and family.

Sacramento Historic House hopes that you’ve made your wish for 2008 and beyond. Good luck

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