5 Simple Changes To Improve Your Life

I’m sure everyone is in the middle of a “cleanse” right now and doesn’t want to hear about any other ways to improve their lives, but I’ve adopted a few new habits since Christmas that have been working for me so I thought I would share. Normally, I don’t go for new year’s resolutions, opting instead for a “word” or theme for the year, so these are a handful of ideas for you to mull over and either do or not do – no pressure!

1. Hang damp towels outside, even in winter. Okay this is California so I’m blessed with sunshine all year round which makes this tip pretty easy. I’m not gonna lie, we have a bit of a mildew situation if I leave the towels hanging in the bathroom, so I’ve moved them outdoors. When the sun goes down, I bring the towels in. There’s only two of them, so it’s not a big chore. Benefit: sunshine breeze smell every morning when I step out of the shower and grab my outdoor-dried towel.

2. Move empty hangers to the end of the row. A great tip I picked up from my friend over at Nature Girl and it makes perfect sense. When you remove an item of clothing from your closet, move the empty hanger to the end of the row. Benefit: when you go to hang up your laundry – the hangers are all in one place and not interspersed throughout your closet. Easy, right?

3. Eat a serving of whole fruit with breakfast every day. This is something that I sort of did already but not with any regularity. When we went on our trip to England, I had a fruit every morning. Right now it’s clementines or bananas or apples. Benefit: we all know by now that we need more whole fruits and veggies in our diet, this is an easy way to get a serving in and it sets a healthy tone for the day. Plus, I feel a bit more energized.

4. Don’t wash your face in the morning. You probably have a skin care routine you follow in the evenings that includes cleansing – I just started using Sibu cleanser and I’m very happy with it. During the night, your face secretes oil to moisturize your skin but it’s not like you have a face full of makeup that you need to wash off come morning. I find that just rinsing my face with warm water in the shower works well enough. This idea may sound controversial to you – if so, don’t do it. Benefit: I’m not using soap on my face and I have noticed my oily/combo skin is more balanced.

5. Cut back on self-help books. I did pick up a couple of them at the library recently – mostly on financial advice, but I’m having trouble getting through them. I used to read quite a lot of self-help. A LOT of self-help. I’m starting to realize that although some of the tips are beneficial… mostly when I read self-help, it felt like I had a big hill to climb. Benefit: there’s nothing that I’m SUPPOSED to be doing right now. :)

I hope these changes have inspired you and that you are not too cranky from lack of food (from the cleanse you are on) to implement one or two of them. Let me know how it goes.

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