Mince pies and carrot cake

My English husband can now sigh with contentment, for the Christmas season has truly arrived. He found boxes of Mr. Kipling deep filled mince pies at Cost Plus. We don’t remember them being there last year when we were on the hunt for Christmas crackers (don’t get me started). Anyway… Sacramento British expats take heart, we have found UK junk food and not as junky food in Raleys, Longs, Cost Plus, The Tea Cozy, and in many shops in the Bay area. We are still on the hunt for Hula Hoops and cherry Bakewell tarts if anyone knows where they can be found.

In other pie related news, I just had the best slice of carrot cake in my life from The Real Pie Company on 12th and F Streets. Now, I know what you are thinking. How could I get cake at the tastiest pie place in Sacramento? Well… you haven’t tried the carrot cake. Fresh, moist cake with the perfect hint of orange zest and cream cheese frosting that tastes like sweetened cream cheese and not a box of powdered sugar, rolled up in a fairly generous slice… all yours for $3.50.

I think I need a nap now.

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