The History of Your House

As part of a tie-in with the main Sacramento Historic House site, I am now offering house history research services to those of you who live in the downtown, midtown, and East Sac areas. The House History Report includes:

  • Timeline and names of your home’s past owners
  • List of residents (if different from owners)
  • List of changes to the property (additions)
  • Photocopy of early property map (if available)
  • Miscellaneous information about past residents or property or photos (i.e. structure was once a boarding house)

Cost = $125.00
Email me at web “at” sachistorichouse “dot” com. I’ve spelled out the address to try and trick spammers – just replace the quoted words with symbols.

Please allow up to three weeks to complete research – so if you are thinking of making this a Christmas gift, contact me ASAP.

Thank you!

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