Use the Good, Throw Out the Bad Stuff

A Dinner Table at Night. John Singer Sargent, 1884. People using their good stuff.

This morning I was listening to an interview with The Daily Connoisseur in which she encouraged us all to use our best things… every day. As I took in her words, I looked down at the t-shirt I was wearing (stain on the front, unraveling thread at the bottom) and came to the conclusion that I need a lot of work in this area. I have some nice things, most of which I don’t use, and even worse… I have a lot of awful things that I use constantly.

For example, I have a glass emblazoned with the logo of my former employer on it. I don’t especially feel good when I see that logo. But I not only keep the glass, my husband and I drink out of it all the time! So today I got up from my chair, took the glass down from the cupboard and chucked it in the garbage. I know, I should have given it away or recycled it somehow… but, you know, it felt good to chuck it. I then reached to the tippy top shelf in the cupboard and brought down a dusty Waterford crystal wine goblet (wedding gift, almost never used). I cleaned the glass, poured in some filtered water and used it to wash down my morning vitamins.

I have the crystal goblet on the desk next to me as I type this… sparkling like diamonds amidst a bunch of scrawled upon yellow sticky notes and cap-less ballpoint pens. Ahhh, the good life.

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