Making Soup In Lieu of Working

Let’s face it… I have a lot of stuff I could be doing (notice I didn’t say should) but I decided to take a few hours off to make soup and watch Jamie At Home episodes on the Cooking Channel. Some would say this was not a wise choice… especially as freelance work has been a bit slow… but I’m not so sure.

For me, it’s important to realize when my high energy and low energy times are hitting and adjust my work day accordingly. I try to take care of all paid work in the morning when I’m most alert and use the afternoon to do more administrative items, like billing clients or prospecting. Or blogging/tweeting/FBing. Or… like today (partly because it’s Friday and no one is doing much work) making a delish bean and spinach soup, eating it with brie topped toast and catching up on some DVR’d tv.

Later I plan to have a cup of tea and a couple squares of Guittard chocolate. It may defy the traditional work ethic but I feel loved and happy – and isn’t that what we’re all working for anyway?

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