The magic cottage

Going a bit off-topic now for some Sunday morning witterings…

I first saw the words magic and cottage put together while reading about SARK’s home in her book Inspiration Sandwich. Then a few years later, I came across it on Keri Smith’s site in reference to her home. And I’m sure it’s used to describe at least ten Thomas Kinkade paintings (don’t get me started)…

So what is a magic cottage? Well my guess is that the cottage has to be small and cozy… a place suited for book readers, writers, artists, and world travelers. A place where you can see everything you own in a matter of minutes. Something hobbit-esque that is reminiscent of those blanket and chair forts you used to make as a kid. (nerd alert)

What makes it magic is a bit harder to describe… sort of like the Supreme Court’s definition of porn – I know it when I see it. Usually there is an element of architectural whimsy and a Western European influence in the style but this is not always the case.

Keep an eye out for magic cottages in Sacramento as you go about your day. If you see one worth mentioning, feel free to email me at web “at” sachistorichouse “dot” com. I think there will be quite a few readers of this blog today as I’ve managed to crowbar in the words hobbit, fort, and porn into one post. Yes!

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