Summer Lovin’

Well maybe not so much Summer Lovin’ as Summer getting by’in. It’s pretty fricken hot, people! And this photo is actually from our beautiful Spring, when the air was cool and I wore socks everyday. It is my desire to eventually move to a place where I can actually look forward to summer the way they do in Martha Stewart Living. Picnics, bbq, patio chilling, summer concerts in the park, long walks and lots of lemonade mixed creatively with seasonal fruit juice. As it is now, I don’t even go outside except in the early morning and late evening. In between those respites, I spend a lot of time working at the computer, eating cold food and watching movies. Not that those things aren’t great, but you know… too many days of being indoors and I start to feel pretty glum.

Which is why God invented San Francisco. To chase all our smog-filled, hot valley cares away. My new thing, well I’ve done it once, is to rent a car just for the day ($23 economy with Enterprise) and blast off for the foggy streets of SF. Wearing a cardigan and feeling the moist ocean breeze on my face, I can wander around “outdoors” without my skin burning vampirically.

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