Fall walk in Midtown

Now that Fall is here and the late afternoon sun is at its most flattering for historic house spotting, let me share with you one of my favorite Midtown strolls. Take a cup of cocoa and park anywhere along 22nd Street near the McClatchy Library at 2112. Just start wandering around the couple of blocks between T and V on 22nd and 21st. The neighborhood of “Poverty Ridge” is a house lover’s dream. Some highlights are the Italianate style John Stevens house at 2110 T St. as well as the charming Victorian gingerbread at 2131, the former home of Joan Didion at 2000 22nd, and the show-stopping (and slightly unnerving, maybe it’s the palm trees?) mansion at 1931 21st.

After a slow stroll I like to relax in the sun room of the Library, where book bargains abound and if I sit there long enough undisturbed, I begin to feel transported back to a time when sun rooms were de rigueur.

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