4th of July

So I didn’t get a chance to come on here and say Happy 4th of July – but I’m hoping you had a good one.

I made it down to the local parade this year and stood for about 20 minutes in the full sun before deciding maybe I wasn’t that “into” community and went home.  Still it was fun while it lasted and great to see so many people who weren’t bothered by the heat and ready to support the neighborhood.

When I got married it was one of my goals to really celebrate each holiday, you know with the Martha Stewart decorations and a yummy home cooked meal.  While that seems to have gone by the wayside a bit, I still think it’s important to create family traditions, no matter what your definition of family.  So I’m gonna try to get more into the next holiday… which is what… Labor Day?  Hmmmm, that might be a tricky one!

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