Some Light Entertainment

The weather is nice and you are stuck inside, trying to do your work but instead staring longingly out the window.  Well, here are some ways for you to distract yourself while waiting for quitting time to roll around:

Luxe Home Swap – okay so you already know about these vacations where you trade homes with someone who lives in another country from watching The Holiday with Kate Winslet, but this site is like drooling central for looking at photos of pretty houses and daydreaming.

365 Secrets of Happiness – I follow this guy on FB and his posts on how to be happy are always charming, smart and (happily) brief.

The Naked Bee products – my friend bought me the Hand & Body lotion (orange blossom honey) and I have been in heaven ever since. 70% certified organic, paraben-free and phalate-free fragrance. I’m pretty sure you can pick some up at  Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies on X street.

Steampunk Home – I had never heard of steampunk before this week, but now that I know, oh my goodness… I may have to steal my husbands collection of HG Wells books and get to reading. The Steampunk Workshop blog has a great tour of a couple in Massachusettes who restored their Victorian in steampunk design.  It’s cooler than you think it’s going to be.

The Daily Connoisseur – this is one of my favorite blogs.  You may not be into it, but I really like her calm, thoughtful posts about trying to live a more elegant life.  She may have more money than I do, but I never get the sense that her lifestyle is unattainable or in any way eye-roll inducing.

Capitol Actors Theatre – a friend of mine is launching a new theatre group in town.  Check it out!

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