Romantic Day Out in Carmichael (yes, really)

For partly financial reasons, we live out in Carmichael. Not really a hotbed of romantic things to do, but in an effort to save money and gas, I’ve been trying to come up with fun dates closer to home. Here are a few ideas for an inexpensive Saturday day out in Carmichael:

Breakfast at Lido café
The Lido is one of those hole in the strip mall places that actually has really good food. It’s small but they have a few booths and the wait staff are friendly. I got the cinnamon roll (which was raved about on Yelp) and it was very good, especially if you like yours really sweet. We also had the sausages which were banger-size and had a little kick to them, some toast and tea.

Soccer (football) at Ancil Hoffman park
Since my husband is English, we have fun kicking around the ball on the big open field at Ancil Hoffman, just after the entrance gate. More serious players can be found here on some days or around the back by the golf club… but we just like to dribble and steal from each other. Guaranteed to make you laugh like a kid and in our case, wheeze like old fogeys. Afterwards, you can take a nice stroll on the trail that goes around the park and Effie Yeaw nature center has a couple of good, short trails to the river. My only complaint about Ancil Hoffman is people don’t always leash their dogs.

Carmichael Library
We love our library and visit it all the time. Since the recession started, I’ve been to the library more times than in all of my previous years put together. We get movies, cds, magazines, books and childrens books (I like ‘em). Once a month they have a book sale, so that’s a nice little diversion as well.

Boulevard Coffee
A good spot for an afternoon pick-me-up is Boulevard Coffee on Fair Oaks (near Lido café). We ordered up some tea and sat at one of the cute indoor tables while reading the books we got from the library (don’t spill!). The place is kind of smallish so if there is a loud conversation going on, it can be hard to concentrate on reading. But it’s a great place if you want to have a romantic chat.

Thrift Town
It’s always hit or miss at this (like most) thrift stores. On recent visits, I’ve picked up cute thank you notes, an embroidered pillowcase, a shirt, books and a VHS tape. Watch for their 50% off all clothing sales if you really want a good deal. (not sure if that includes their vintage section or not)

For dinner, we usually head home and make something ourselves… it’s cheaper, healthier and frankly, there’s not a lot of cheap/decent places to eat in our section of Carmichael. Although I’ve been meaning to try Serritella’s again… I haven’t been there in years.

Hope you can use one or two of these suggestions next time you are in our neighborhood!

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