Excerpt From The Pipe And Slippers Life

So a couple of years ago, I sent a proposal for a non-fiction, lifestyle book called The Pipe And Slippers Life to my agent in New York. Long story short… after sending it to all of the top publishing houses it went nowhere. One reason: lack of platform (which in publishing speak means the author doesn’t already have a following).

Anyway, the whimsical book was about how my husband and I craved the old fashioned elegances of yester-year and a slower pace of life and simple ways that everyone could achieve those things. For your amusement, here is an excerpt on how to live the Pipe And Slippers life – focusing on men’s night attire:

The Bing Crosby
Ahhh… who doesn’t love a white Christmas? Dressed for comfort but always just a pair of shoes away from being able to jump in car to run an errand or having a putter around the garden, The Bing frequently turns to V-neck cashmere sweaters over a dress shirt and tie or cravat. He might pair this look with khaki trousers or gabardine slacks. The whole effect is breezy, Rat Pack cool, with just a hint of high moral fiber. It is not a huge change from what he wore to work, but it’s not a suit. The Bing’s accessories include tasseled slippers, a glass of Scotch, a piano, a fireplace and/or a Christmas tree. This look is good for lawyers and also gangsters trying to clean up their image.
(Also known as The Frank Sinatra.)

The David Niven
Splendid. Here is a man who exudes class, sophistication, and just a hint of repressed passion. The Niven look favors silk cravats that compliment the skin tone, a neutral smoking jacket in a luxurious fabric, and a piping hot cup of tea (with milk). His shirt is starched and his socks are thick to ward off the chill of evening. The effect shows that he likes to entertain guests but is also fond of quiet evenings at home playing chess with his butler. Accessories for the David Niven include low on the nose reading glasses which he can look over and say “hmmm evidently so”, a cigarette lighter to impress the ladies, and an old fashioned phone so he can chat with the Prime Minister. This look is good for executives and landed gentry with minor titles.
(Also known as The Louis Jourdan.)

The Hugh Hefner
This style works well for those who wish bedtime was all the time. The “Hef” is a mix of complimentary silk loungewear pieces. The pajamas should match top and bottom and be in a jewel tone or shimmering black. A silk dressing gown can be worn over top but belted if it’s a short gown and open (like a duster) if it’s long. The pajama top should have a collar and the bottoms should be drawstring. The Hefner likes to go barefoot in the hot weather and favors a leather slipper in the winter. Accessories might include a satin sleep mask, buxom blonde girlfriend(s), a top notch dry-cleaner, and a suntan. This playboy look is good for movie producers and men’s magazine publishers.
(Also known as The Jack Nicholson.)

The Jimmy Stewart
Our favorite after work look is the Jimmy Stewart. How could you miss with such a class-act representative? It is as American as baseball, apple pie, and self-made men of honor and action. This ensemble consists of cotton pajamas in either stripes or solid with accent color piping. The pajamas have a breast pocket and either a drawstring or elastic (with buttons) waistband. Some might throw in a white, ribbed tank top underneath but Robbie thinks this is over-egging the pudding. The Stewart favors a robe of flannel or terry cloth that he ties tight when retrieving the mail or letting the dog out. This look proudly says “I’m in for the evening” and requires little transition from watching television to crawling into bed. Accessories for the Jimmy Stewart include a wife and kids, shearing slippers, a wool scarf, and a pair of binoculars (for all you Rear Window fans). This look works well for dad’s and husband’s everywhere.
(Also known as The Gregory Peck)

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