Good Ex-Pat Blogs To Fuel Your Escapism

Lately, I’ve been a leeeetle bit obsessed with reading ex-pat blogs. Basically I’ve been devouring the writings of people I don’t know and will never meet just to catch a glimpse into the day to day life of being an American in a strange new world. This interest in overseas living is partly due to poverty-driven, escapist fantasies and partly due to the very real possibility of someday moving to England. Adding more fuel to the fire was Holly’s recent post on Decor8.

I should warn you that reading this type of blog isn’t always easy. You (I) might have an idealized view of life in other countries. You (I) might be thinking of spending your days in an ivy-covered cottage (Kate’s cottage in The Holiday), riding your bike helmet-less in a flowy dress to the local pub to join your adorable friends (Julian and Noel from The Mighty Boosh) for a glass of local whiskey, enjoying free healthcare and losing weight without effort because of the stricter additive laws. Okay well simmer down now. Some of that may happen and it may happen to you (me) one day, but the reality is… it probably won’t happen exactly like that.

A cottage in the Cotswolds cost a freakin’ mint, my friends.

Anyway, here are a few ladies who have taken the leap:

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