California Governor’s Mansion

I had planned to shock you all by updating the Sacramento Historic House website with a few more houses… including the Governor’s Mansion. However, I find that the site is seriously in need of a redesign and I’m not ready to work on that today. So here’s what I was going to put up:

The Governor’s Mansion was orginally the Gallatin mansion, named for the original owners Albert and Clemenza Gallatin who hired famed architect Nathaniel Goodell to build the house in 1877. Goodell was also responsible for the gorgeous Heilbron and Mesick houses. Albert Gallatin was one of the partners in Huntington & Hopkins & Company, a hardware store orginally located on K Street but torn down to make way for I5. The store was rebuilt in Old Sacramento in the 1970s as a replica.

The Governor’s Mansion has been home to many illustrious state Governors, including the Warrens and the Browns. It used to be that you could see the old fashioned tub where someone (supposedly Kathleen Brown) painted red toenails on the claw feet… not sure if you still can.

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