Realizations about Google Ads, Tim Ferriss and Safeway

This week has been one of realizations both grand and meager… well mostly meager. I’ll share, shall I?

Weight Watchers magazine is surprisingly cool – Now granted I’ve only looked at one issue but it was well produced and inspiring. The stock photos are bright and fun. There was even mention of alternative therapies and organic beauty products.

Google Adsense is not working for me – Being forced to look at unwanted advertising is so annoying and I apologize for subjecting you to it. I’ll be taking at look at different approaches to monetizing this site. I like the ad (to the right) because it’s nice to look at and it’s somewhat related.

Having groceries delivered is awesome – If you can stand a bit of middle-class guilt, then having your groceries delivered is the best service ever. The key here is to let lug all of those boring everyday items like milk and pasta to your kitchen while you enjoy a once a week European-style shop of the farmers market with your Etsy purchased tote bag. It’s more economical than you think!

I wouldn’t want to date The 4 Hour Work Week author Tim Ferriss (much to his relief, I’m sure) however the audio version of his book has helped me through many morning workouts – I am a bit uncomfortable admitting that I did enjoy this book… I’m more of an Eckhart Tolle girl. But my ears do tend to prick up whenever anyone has a strategy for working less and travelling more. If nothing else, it might inspire you to cut out some of your biggest time wasters and increase productivity. Or not.

I suck at selling things on CraigslistOh Happy Day’s Jordan bought a bubble machine off of Craigslist. A bubble machine! Someone had to have posted a bubble machine for sale and she found it and bought it. I can’t even get anyone to take back issues of Domino magazine off my hands. Maybe that’s it. Maybe if I had something as sexy as a bubble machine…

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