Awakening Curiosity

One of the strangest effects of having extra free time and the absence of work stress is an acute feeling of being awake. I seem to notice a lot more of what’s going on around me. I can literally stop and smell the roses… and I do. My breathing has deepened, I get more exercise, I’m more social, I sleep better and my memory has improved. When my husband asks about my day, I can honestly say it was great!

So with this heightened awareness of life, I’ve begun exploring subjects that have always piqued my curiousity. Some come from a list of mondo beyondo dreams I created for myself and some I’ve just stumbled upon. Here are a few places I’ve traveled on the web recently that have caught my fascination:

Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War – Yes, it is slightly voyeuristic to read other people’s letters, but this collection offers a front row seat to the Civil War that you can’t get from text books.

Down House – The home of Charles Darwin in Kent, England. Owned by the English Heritage, the house features the study where Darwin wrote On The Origin Of Species and the conservatory where he performed scientific experiments. Would love to visit this place on my next trip to the UK.

Screaming Mummies – If you’ve seen the cover of The Mummy dvd, you know what I’m talking about here. This article from Archeology Magazine asks the question of whether these mummies were captured in the throes of painful and horrifying deaths or if there is another explanation for their awful grimaces. It also explains why the ghost of Jacob Marley had that bandage around his head as if he had a toothache.

Up – For some reason, I keep re-watching the trailer for this new Pixar film. Actually I know the reason… Ed Asner. I’m a total sucker for cranky old men.

English Cut – the blog of bespoke saville row tailor Thomas Mahon. I actually found this blog about 3 years ago and just rediscovered it. I think the appeal is Mahon’s ability to let us commoners have a peek behind the curtain of men’s bespoke clothing and yet still maintaining a level of elegance and old fashioned gentleman-ness.

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