Van Voorhies House – a peek inside!

These past few weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of researching the house history for the Van Voorhies house on G Street. It really is a charming house, quite small and now a bit low-key in its current incarnation as law offices.

The house was built by architect Charles Cate in 1868-69. In 1872, Cate sold the house to prominent businessman Albert Van Voorhies. Nicknamed “the Prince”, Voorhies was a wealthy saddle and leather goods merchant who owned two large stores in town (one in the space now occupied by Denny’s between J and I streets downtown).

The house was broken into apartments for most of the 20th Century and included a long line of tenants. One resident, a retired gentleman, told stories of when he delivered mail on horseback in his youth and managed to avoid a few scrapes with the Indians. Another man was a popcorn salesman who had a stand on 9th and J Streets.

Here are some interior photos of the house. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to photograph the inside, now could I?

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