Seeking Further Improvement

Illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith. Image and info on the artist found here.

The way I tend to approach my life is to anchor the parts that are going well and then leave them to bob along – hopefully without incident – while I turn my attention to the parts that are in danger […]

Waiting For Fall

It’s in the upper 80s today, but I went ahead with plans to make cream of broccoli soup. It is approaching mid-October after all.

I followed this recipe, subbing a dash of 1% milk in for the heavy cream and it turned out yummy (and low fat!).

Lately I’ve been listening to Pema Chodron’s Comfortable […]

My Desk in Summer

Here’s a look at my (messy) desk and (overexposed) window. The rosemary is from a garden outside our window (not mine, but given permission to take some sprigs!). The frame was thrifted and the print inside is: Lady Agnew, c.1892-1893 by John Singer Sargent.


Making Soup In Lieu of Working

Let’s face it… I have a lot of stuff I could be doing (notice I didn’t say should) but I decided to take a few hours off to make soup and watch Jamie At Home episodes on the Cooking Channel. Some would say this was not a wise choice… especially as freelance work has […]