Sac Historic House Profile: Castle Drogo


Recently I spent a lot of hours on, feverishly attacking the search function as I traced my family’s roots to England, Scotland and Ireland. I had heard great stories of our ancestors passed down through the generations “an Earl, or if not an Earl then definitely a peer…” or “he was a […]

New Rooms for Old Houses

Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

We love the charm and character of old houses. We can imagine Rockwell-style celebrations at the hearth and licking ice cream cones while sitting on sturdy front porches. It’s not just that these houses have unique designs or were built in a time when the best materials were used […]

Sacramento Old City Home Tour

Hey local Sacramento folks! I’ll be at the Sacramento Old City Home Tour on Sunday to hand out flyers for Sac Historic House. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Here is the flyer for the event. Hope to see you there!

Sac Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

Sacramento Historic House will be supporting the Sacramento Mid-Century Home Tour on June 26. I’m betting this is going to be an excellent event and very busy so be sure to get your tickets in advance. Here is some info from the website:

“Tickets are $20 in advance and will be available to purchase […]

Sacramento Historic Property Plaques

The City of Sacramento has recently announced a new historic property plaque program. If you own a historic house or building that is on the city’s landmark list or if your property is in a landmarked area (e.g. parts of Alkali Flat), you could qualify for one of the shiny new plaques on offer.


The Ruins of Detroit

photo copyright Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

This is one of many hauntingly beautiful images from photographers Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre of downtown Detroit in a series called The Ruins of Detroit. I don’t know why but this looks to me like something out of East Berlin. (ah I just now noticed they […]

Sacramento Heritage Walks

Looks like Sacramento Heritage has a new website featuring a number of self-guided walking tours through historic areas of town. Some look better than others, but definitely worth checking out.

This reminds me that Sacramento Historic House has been criminally neglected. I have no excuse. It needs a redesign and new photos and maybe add […]

Apparently Not Haunted!

Watch as Channel 13 goes inside the Martinez house at 22nd and H St. with the current owner. Video on the Haunted Sacramento blog.

I can imagine it must be hard to inherit an old mansion and not have the resources to fix it up or at least live in it. Hope that the family […]

The House Historian of England

I think most of my readers know by now that I do house history research here in Sacramento. So I was quite thrilled to be-friend the lovely Melanie Backe-Hansen, who is the first in-house historian to be employed by a UK estate agency. Translation: she’s a supersleuth of houses in England who regularly runs […]

California Governor’s Mansion

I had planned to shock you all by updating the Sacramento Historic House website with a few more houses… including the Governor’s Mansion. However, I find that the site is seriously in need of a redesign and I’m not ready to work on that today. So here’s what I was going to put up: