Sac Historic House Profile – Pat Johnson

Many of you have expressed interest in researching your house’s history. I have a general how-to up on the Sac Historic House research page, but I thought I’d get you some more in-depth information. Recently I caught up with Pat Johnson the senior archivist at the Sacramento Archives & Museum Collection Center and asked […]

More Julia Morgan House

Since I don’t get the Bee… I was a little slow in picking up this review of Mark Wilson’s “Julia Morgan: Architect of Beauty” which features the Morgan designed public market (the Sheraton on J). Dixie Reid gives some good background on the Julia Morgan house on T Street as well.


Sacramento Maps

*photo created from map found on Sacramento History Online.

This Map of Sacramento from around 1922 is just one of the interesting treasures I’ve stumbled upon since doing house history research. One of my current clients lives in East Sacramento and it was interesting to see on this map where her house and her […]

The History of Your House

As part of a tie-in with the main Sacramento Historic House site, I am now offering house history research services to those of you who live in the downtown, midtown, and East Sac areas. The House History Report includes:

Timeline and names of your home’s past owners List of residents (if different from owners) […]