London, Brussels & Bruges

It felt amazing to travel again this Spring and to do part of the trip on my own. The weather was perfect and all the towns were jumping with tourists. I had pretty low expectations for my first time visit to Brussels but it ended up being lovely and fun, possibly the highlight of my […]

A Swoony Little Trip to London and Scotland

We’ve just returned from a lovely vacation in the UK. I had been to Scotland before a long time ago but not for more than a day or so (on a tour). It was great to return and see a few familiar places and a few new ones too. I love Scotland. I even ate […]

Back from England

We were so lucky this year to be able to visit England during (our) Thanksgiving week. Most places had their Christmas lights up already and shop windows were fabulously decorated. Having been to England a few times now and with an English husband, I didn’t tend to do a lot of typical touristy things […]

Day Trip from Sacramento to Napa

We decided, rather last minute, to head over to Napa for a bit of late afternoon beauty and aspirational living. Armed with New Order’s greatest hits and not a lot of cash, we followed highway 12 to 29 and made a beeline for St. Helena. We began, by mistake, at the lovely Ristorante Tra […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Castle Drogo


Recently I spent a lot of hours on, feverishly attacking the search function as I traced my family’s roots to England, Scotland and Ireland. I had heard great stories of our ancestors passed down through the generations “an Earl, or if not an Earl then definitely a peer…” or “he was a […]

Summer Lovin’

Well maybe not so much Summer Lovin’ as Summer getting by’in. It’s pretty fricken hot, people! And this photo is actually from our beautiful Spring, when the air was cool and I wore socks everyday. It is my desire to eventually move to a place where I can actually look forward to summer the […]

Bastille Day!

Sac Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

Sacramento Historic House will be supporting the Sacramento Mid-Century Home Tour on June 26. I’m betting this is going to be an excellent event and very busy so be sure to get your tickets in advance. Here is some info from the website:

“Tickets are $20 in advance and will be available to purchase […]

Romantic Day Out in Carmichael (yes, really)

For partly financial reasons, we live out in Carmichael. Not really a hotbed of romantic things to do, but in an effort to save money and gas, I’ve been trying to come up with fun dates closer to home. Here are a few ideas for an inexpensive Saturday day out in Carmichael:

Breakfast at […]

Sacramento Heritage Walks

Looks like Sacramento Heritage has a new website featuring a number of self-guided walking tours through historic areas of town. Some look better than others, but definitely worth checking out.

This reminds me that Sacramento Historic House has been criminally neglected. I have no excuse. It needs a redesign and new photos and maybe add […]