The Ramen Girl

I watched The Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy recently on Netflix Instant. I don’t know if it’s actually good or I was just willing to like anything at the time. If you can just take it for what it is and not delve too deeply into the stereotypes, it’s definitely worth a look. For me […]

Finding Neverland at RFL

Image copyright Miramax studios

Just blogged about the Edwardian splendor of the sets in the film Finding Neverland over at Romantic Film Locations.

At RFL: Imagine Me and You

Photo Copyright BBC Films

Blogged about the gorgeous romantic comedy Imagine Me & You over at Romantic Film Locations.

You’ve Got Mail – Meg’s Apartment

Awhile back, I mentioned the top 10 movie interiors that made me sit up and take notice. One of them is Meg Ryan’s apartment in You’ve Got Mail. There’s just something about that apartment. Maybe it’s because the movie makes you feel good and therefore seeing the heroine’s living space is merely an extension […]

House Portraits by Fifi Flowers

Images ©Fifi Flowers and used with permission.

How cute are these commissioned house portraits by Fifi Flowers? The charming colors and whimsical style would brighten up anyone’s office, livingroom, kitchen, etc. If you’ve got a historic house that you are especially proud of, wouldn’t it be fun to get a painting of your house […]

A Weekend of Home Tours!

This will be a primo weekend for getting a glimpse inside the charming houses of Sacramento. I will have house history flyers available at both tours – be sure to pick one up!

Curtis Park Home Tour: Saturday, April 25 10 AM – 4 PM Tix available at The French Hen, The Ivy House […]

How to enjoy that morning shower

The shower I want to try. Photo courtesy of Calistoga Ranch.

Lately I’ve not wanted to shower. I know, gross, right? But it’s not that I don’t want to shower, it’s that I don’t want to shower in our bathroom. It’s so cramped that you have to sidle behind the toilet to […]

Home for the Holidays

This weekend provides a rare opportunity for people like you and me to get a glimpse inside some of the wonderful homes of East Sacramento during the Sacred Heart Home Tour. Admission is a bit steep at $30 ($20 advanced) but it’s for a good cause…

Speaking of delightful old houses… […]

Film Interiors

Uptown Girls screen capture by me but film copyright held by MGM (2003)

I love Alicia’s post about top movies she watches repeatedly just to see the inside of the character’s house. I have my own list (some of which I’ve spoken about already):

Amelie Uptown Girls (Molly’s apartment) Practical Magic The Station Agent […]

Wish List: An Outdoor Shower

Photo courtesy of Calistoga Ranch

When I was young, my family and I got to tour a house in Big Sur that some friends were renting for the weekend. The house was huge (or at least it seemed that way then!) with floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the cliffs and ocean […]