My Valentine’s Gift List

Fragonard, Jean Honore. The Bolt (Le Verrou) c. 1778.

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and with it comes a certain level of gift giving anxiety for the men in our lives. I do think most of us women would be happy with a homemade card and a clean kitchen, but because of societal pressure […]

A New Year!

I didn’t make New Year’s Resolutions this year… mostly because I didn’t keep many of them from last year. But also because I prefer to do what a lot of other bloggers are doing out there and that is… choose a word for the year.

My word for 2011 is… stretch. I was relatively […]

Alexandra Boiger Illustrations

Sometimes, when I feel overrun with the fast pace and noise of life, I like to steal away to a quiet corner with a mug of spicy tea or hot chocolate and read a children’s book. It’s a great way to unwind and indulge in something low-tech that leaves you feeling delighted rather than drained. […]

New Rooms for Old Houses

Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

We love the charm and character of old houses. We can imagine Rockwell-style celebrations at the hearth and licking ice cream cones while sitting on sturdy front porches. It’s not just that these houses have unique designs or were built in a time when the best materials were used […]

Green Card (the movie) – Bronte’s NYC Apartment

I’ts been a long time since I’ve talked about my favorite movie interiors – the last was Meg’s You’ve Got Mail apartment – so I thought I’d show some captures from the fantastic Peter Weir film Green Card. This apartment is fantasy living on a whole ‘nother level and I can’t remember from the film […]

Summer Lovin’

Well maybe not so much Summer Lovin’ as Summer getting by’in. It’s pretty fricken hot, people! And this photo is actually from our beautiful Spring, when the air was cool and I wore socks everyday. It is my desire to eventually move to a place where I can actually look forward to summer the […]

Some Light Entertainment

The weather is nice and you are stuck inside, trying to do your work but instead staring longingly out the window. Well, here are some ways for you to distract yourself while waiting for quitting time to roll around:

Luxe Home Swap – okay so you already know about these vacations where you trade homes […]

You Were Superfine, 2009… And So Was I.

Although it was a strange year of little money and even less glamour… 2009 was off the charts in terms of career/work fulfillment and creativity. My self-esteem which had taken a bit of a beating the year before increased with every new project and experiment. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about appreciating […]

A Simple Kind of Life

My husband and I are rewatching the wonderful BBC series All Creatures Great & Small for the holidays. I just love to snuggle under a blanket on the couch, turn on the Christmas tree lights, maybe indulge in a splash of Glenlivet and watch our old friends James, Siegfried and Tristan.

One thing I […]

Phoebe In Wonderland

I loved this movie.