Van Voorhies House – a peek inside!

These past few weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of researching the house history for the Van Voorhies house on G Street. It really is a charming house, quite small and now a bit low-key in its current incarnation as law offices.

The house was built by architect Charles Cate in 1868-69. In 1872, […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Cragside

©NTPL/Ian Shaw – Cragside gardens

Driving in to work the other morning, I said to my husband “…there is the train station. We could turn left instead of right and be at the train station. We could turn left, take the train to the San Francisco airport and be on the next flight to […]

Historic Houses & Soy Candles

If you own a historic house or want to buy a gift for someone who does, consider investing in a small arsenal of 100% soy wax candles (preferably unscented). Soy candles burn cleaner, cooler and result in less ash – important as smoke damage to walls in older homes is pretty common and you […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Tyntesfield House, England

*photo ©NTPL/Andrew Butler

I first fell in love with Tyntesfield house when I saw it profiled in a magazine. Located in the English countryside near Bath, the gothic revival estate with quirky Victorian interiors had fallen into disrepair and when it was finally put up for sale, many joined the efforts to come to […]

The History of Your House

As part of a tie-in with the main Sacramento Historic House site, I am now offering house history research services to those of you who live in the downtown, midtown, and East Sac areas. The House History Report includes:

Timeline and names of your home’s past owners List of residents (if different from owners) […]

Witches love Victorians

Well since Halloween is approaching (and I’ve already undermined my academic authority by talking about magic cottages), why not throw caution to the wind and mention witches. Now my idea of witches comes from reading books as a kid such as Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth and Dorrie the little witch but […]

Fall walk in Midtown

Now that Fall is here and the late afternoon sun is at its most flattering for historic house spotting, let me share with you one of my favorite Midtown strolls. Take a cup of cocoa and park anywhere along 22nd Street near the McClatchy Library at 2112. Just start wandering around the couple of […]

22nd Street Victorian

I found an interesting archive photo of some Sacramento actors sitting on a 22nd Street Victorian porch circa 1907. The photo poses more questions than answers but sometimes that’s half the fun. Go to the Midtown section for more details.

Tesla house on J Street

Speaking of home tours… check out this well produced video tour of Tesla bassist Brian Wheat’s vibrant Sacramento midtown Victorian courtesy of