In Praise of Idleness

This post is just an excuse to show you the marvelous painting Idle Hours by H. Siddons Mowbray

With almost a week of breathing smoke-filled air, my desire to do a lot of activity is not exactly at its peak. Clearly its time for us all to be idle. And by idle I mean […]

How To Enjoy Your Local Museum

I recently posted an article on eHow about how to get the most out of your local art or history museum. Speaking of which… when was the last time you were in the Crocker? You might be surprised at their top notch collection and exhibits (no that’s not the new ad slogan!). Go for […]

Carmelitas and Tablehopper

Dined at the delicious Carmelitas last night (Sunrise & F.O. Blvd) for the first time at that location. I loved the quirky décor and the attentive staff, however I was a little bit surprised by the final bill. One thing that bugged me was the lack of prices on the drink menu which resulted […]

Happy New Year!

We had a fabulous New Year’s in Monterey and Santa Cruz… hope you have an inspiring 2008!

I captured this photo along West Cliff Drive – wouldn’t it look amazing framed on your office wall? *cough cough*

*by the way if you are interested in purchasing this or any of my photos, feel free […]

Mince pies and carrot cake

My English husband can now sigh with contentment, for the Christmas season has truly arrived. He found boxes of Mr. Kipling deep filled mince pies at Cost Plus. We don’t remember them being there last year when we were on the hunt for Christmas crackers (don’t get me started). Anyway… Sacramento British expats take […]

Mystery in Old Sacramento

I took some photos in Old Sacramento over the holiday weekend and stumbled upon something I’d never seen before (despite having been billions of times – well, numerous times). Of course now I can’t remember which street it’s on, but right off one of the walkways there is a white arch and steps that […]

Architecture of Sacramento Walking Tour

Several years ago the Sacramento Heritage folks put out a handy pamphlet called the Architecture of Sacramento Walking Tour. They are no longer publishing it, unfortunately. I had heard about the guide at the last Preservation Roundtable meeting but had not seen it until a recent visit to the Sacramento Room at the downtown […]

Weather or not…

(I hadn’t really planned on talking about the homes that were destroyed by fire on 24th and Q as I’m far from an expert in these matters, but I did want to point you toward Kay’s post from last week about fire prevention.)

Right. Now, is it just me or is it […]

SacRentals photo fun

How much do I love to waste time browsing through the photos on SacRentals? Too much. Much too much. They’ve got a pretty good photographer and stylist which make the pictures so inviting. Plus it’s a rare peek inside some of these homes. Maybe they will let me tag along one day and get some […]

The magic cottage

Going a bit off-topic now for some Sunday morning witterings…

I first saw the words magic and cottage put together while reading about SARK’s home in her book Inspiration Sandwich. Then a few years later, I came across it on Keri Smith’s site in reference to her home. And I’m sure it’s […]