The Dangers of Reading Against the Seasons

I’m about half way through reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett for the first time. I had seen the 1990s film version, which I adored, but had never read the book. So far I have not been able to put it down. I love the constant reminders Burnett gives that fresh air, simple […]

Summer Goodness

This summer has gone by pretty quickly and I haven’t been up to too much. Mostly I’ve been trying to enjoy the good things about summer in my own little way.

My Kindle + the library = summer goodness. I’m not a huge fan of summer in this town, because it’s pretty scorchy, right? […]

Temple Coffee on Fair Oaks

Not a shot from Temple, but rather my own tea party for the royal wedding last year

My husband was released from his office cage early yesterday so we decided to claim our extra time together at the new Temple Coffee location on Fair Oaks Blvd. It was such a beautiful day to sit […]

Each Day Is Fresh… With No Mistakes

So here we are in 2012! That means the 80’s were 30 years ago. So crazy. Okay back to the present… I chose a word for this year that I’ve probably chosen before but really need to concentrate on it this year and that is… wealth. I’m talking about building wealth in regards to […]

5 Cheer Up Videos

I have a bunch of videos bookmarked in a folder called Cheer Up Links. I often listen to them while working. I know listening via YouTube is not the best option but I kind of like being able to watch the video, or not, as the mood strikes. So here we go:

5. This is […]

Google Art Project

Adolph Menzel, The Balcony Room, 1845.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Google Art Project. The project uses Google street map technology to provide site visitors with a 360 degree view of 17 art museum interiors. So you can not only tour from room to room, but you can also zoom […]

My Valentine’s Gift List

Fragonard, Jean Honore. The Bolt (Le Verrou) c. 1778.

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and with it comes a certain level of gift giving anxiety for the men in our lives. I do think most of us women would be happy with a homemade card and a clean kitchen, but because of societal pressure […]

Love And Magazines

This is from my recent shoot with the adorable Janeen. She wanted a photo for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. The above is an outtake (and my tribute to Arthur Elgort!).

January is one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is it a time of renewal and shedding the overindulgences of […]

Alexandra Boiger Illustrations

Sometimes, when I feel overrun with the fast pace and noise of life, I like to steal away to a quiet corner with a mug of spicy tea or hot chocolate and read a children’s book. It’s a great way to unwind and indulge in something low-tech that leaves you feeling delighted rather than drained. […]

New Rooms for Old Houses

Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

We love the charm and character of old houses. We can imagine Rockwell-style celebrations at the hearth and licking ice cream cones while sitting on sturdy front porches. It’s not just that these houses have unique designs or were built in a time when the best materials were used […]