New Rooms for Old Houses

Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

We love the charm and character of old houses. We can imagine Rockwell-style celebrations at the hearth and licking ice cream cones while sitting on sturdy front porches. It’s not just that these houses have unique designs or were built in a time when the best materials were used […]

Good Ex-Pat Blogs To Fuel Your Escapism

Lately, I’ve been a leeeetle bit obsessed with reading ex-pat blogs. Basically I’ve been devouring the writings of people I don’t know and will never meet just to catch a glimpse into the day to day life of being an American in a strange new world. This interest in overseas living is partly due […]

Sacramento House History Research Rate Change

Charming house I researched this month – it’s for sale too, wish I could afford to buy it!

On September 15, I’ll be raising my house history research rates to a flat $300. Until then, I’m still offering the introductory rate of $125. So if you have a house in the East Sac, Land […]

Spreading A Little Link Love

The new issue of Victoria magazine is calling to me from the living room, so I’m going to make this post brief. I’ll do a little link love and share some recent/not so recent finds with you.

Pomegranate Paradise from Jamba Juice – I don’t know if these things are actually “healthy” but it […]

Historic House Holiday – English Cottages

I love a charming, magical cottage – as I’ve mentioned before. Not having the means to own a historic house can be disappointing but there are ways to experience the feeling of owning a magic cottage, without the 30 year mortgage. One possibility is to rent a house. Not for long term, mind you, […]

10 Wishes

In no particular order:

1. In which we buy a quaint old cottage – as you might have guessed, we are in an apartment. So this wish comes up… a lot. Questions about job stability and which country we will settle in make buying difficult. (a reason not an excuse!)

2. In which we […]

Storybook Cottages

(Believe it or not, I haven’t taken many cute cottage photos in my time. This is actually the Hamlet at Versailles from when I was there last.)

I’m a bit late in mentioning this but do check out Cottage Living’s Jan/Feb issue that features Carmel, CA storybook cottages. I think the photo sample of […]

Wishin’ and hopin’

Someday I would like to own a little house on a leafy lane with a garden in the back and a porch in front. It will have built-in shelves, a swinging door to the kitchen, a hallway lined with family photos, and a dining room with a charming chandelier. The bathroom will be tiled […]

SacRentals photo fun

How much do I love to waste time browsing through the photos on SacRentals? Too much. Much too much. They’ve got a pretty good photographer and stylist which make the pictures so inviting. Plus it’s a rare peek inside some of these homes. Maybe they will let me tag along one day and get some […]

The magic cottage

Going a bit off-topic now for some Sunday morning witterings…

I first saw the words magic and cottage put together while reading about SARK’s home in her book Inspiration Sandwich. Then a few years later, I came across it on Keri Smith’s site in reference to her home. And I’m sure it’s […]