Sac Historic House Profile: Tyntesfield House, England

*photo ©NTPL/Andrew Butler

I first fell in love with Tyntesfield house when I saw it profiled in a magazine. Located in the English countryside near Bath, the gothic revival estate with quirky Victorian interiors had fallen into disrepair and when it was finally put up for sale, many joined the efforts to come to […]

Sac Historic House Profile – Katie Denham

This site talks a lot about the exteriors of historic houses, but I thought it would be great to chat about interiors for a bit. I’m a fan of local interior designer Katie Denham and her design blog katiedid, so I contacted her with a few questions about old houses and what she likes […]

22nd Street Victorian

I found an interesting archive photo of some Sacramento actors sitting on a 22nd Street Victorian porch circa 1907. The photo poses more questions than answers but sometimes that’s half the fun. Go to the Midtown section for more details.

Tesla house on J Street

Speaking of home tours… check out this well produced video tour of Tesla bassist Brian Wheat’s vibrant Sacramento midtown Victorian courtesy of

Julia Morgan house tour

I want to send a big thank you to Jessica at CSUS for giving me a private tour (and photo session) of Julia Morgan house today. As this was my first time in the mansion, I was surprised by its hominess (you know how some historic houses can have that museum/mausoleum look?) and its overall […]


I’ve gotten the official word back from Lisa Rogers, University Enterprises concierge (fancy – who knew?) regarding the Julia Morgan house. She said “The house is treasured by the university and will be used for events in the future…” So while I didn’t find out why they are taking a break from hosting events, I […]

Julia Morgan house

So what are they doing with Julia Morgan house? Several internet searches have garnered no clues and emails have yet to be returned. I came across an article from SN&R that talked about how the senior center had been forced out… but that was in 2005, people. The web site for CSUS Enterprise(s) has […]