New Rooms for Old Houses

Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

We love the charm and character of old houses. We can imagine Rockwell-style celebrations at the hearth and licking ice cream cones while sitting on sturdy front porches. It’s not just that these houses have unique designs or were built in a time when the best materials were used […]

Sac Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

Sacramento Historic House will be supporting the Sacramento Mid-Century Home Tour on June 26. I’m betting this is going to be an excellent event and very busy so be sure to get your tickets in advance. Here is some info from the website:

“Tickets are $20 in advance and will be available to purchase […]

Sac Historic House Profile: The Sainte Claire

Recently, I watched the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor and the film got me thinking about the scarcity of luxury and quality in this modern world. There is something so inspiring in a beautifully designed evening gown or a multi-course meal prepared with care and forethought or a luxury hotel that is actually… luxurious!


Sac Historic House Profile: The Claremont Hotel & Spa

Nestled in the green hills of Berkeley, overlooking the expanse of the bay and San Francisco beyond, stands the historic Claremont Hotel. Built in 1915, the landmark hotel/resort has long been a favorite of bay area residents and visitors from further afield. It has the look and feel of an old world spa – […]

The Ramen Girl

I watched The Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy recently on Netflix Instant. I don’t know if it’s actually good or I was just willing to like anything at the time. If you can just take it for what it is and not delve too deeply into the stereotypes, it’s definitely worth a look. For me […]

California Governor’s Mansion

I had planned to shock you all by updating the Sacramento Historic House website with a few more houses… including the Governor’s Mansion. However, I find that the site is seriously in need of a redesign and I’m not ready to work on that today. So here’s what I was going to put up:


A Weekend of Home Tours!

This will be a primo weekend for getting a glimpse inside the charming houses of Sacramento. I will have house history flyers available at both tours – be sure to pick one up!

Curtis Park Home Tour: Saturday, April 25 10 AM – 4 PM Tix available at The French Hen, The Ivy House […]

Sac Historic House Profile: The Citizen Hotel

Authentic, influential, surprising, eclectic, and all-American. These are the five words that developers of the Citzen Hotel in Sacramento gave to designers Candra Scott & Anderson when they decided to transform the neglected Cal Western Life building into a 198-room, boutique hotel. They felt the words characterized the typical Sacramentan and they wanted the […]

Van Voorhies House – a peek inside!

These past few weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of researching the house history for the Van Voorhies house on G Street. It really is a charming house, quite small and now a bit low-key in its current incarnation as law offices.

The house was built by architect Charles Cate in 1868-69. In 1872, […]

The Four Seasons Hotel, Florence

© The Four Seasons Hotel

Okay no I didn’t get to go visit this one… not yet at least.

I was sitting/waiting in a hot car recently (and I mean hot as in Sacramento summer hot) and flipping through Virtuoso Travel magazine when I stopped cold at the ad for the new Four Seasons […]