La Playa Hotel in Carmel

What’s not to love about Carmel, California? There’s breathtaking scenery, a thriving art scene, delicious restaurants, pampered pooches, and, of course… charming historic properties. One of the best known historic houses in Carmel is the La Playa Hotel, which was originally built by Norwegian-born artist Christian Jorgensen as a home for his new bride, […]

Hot Hotel Libraries

I’ve mentioned before how much I love libraries. I’d like to have a proper library in my house someday (and not just because of that scene in Atonement!). But until that happens, it’s fun to enjoy the library feel – dark paneled walls, miles of bookshelves, comfortable chairs, and amber lighting – while on vacation. […]

Sac Historic House Profile: Thierry Roch of Historic Hotels of America

*Napa River Inn photo courtesy of Historic Hotels of America

Recently I was lucky enough to interview Thierry Roch, Executive Director of the Historic Hotels of America (a Preferred Hotel Group). I like the fact that the HHofA group are helping to raise the profile of smaller historic hotels by associating them with larger […]

10 Wishes

In no particular order:

1. In which we buy a quaint old cottage – as you might have guessed, we are in an apartment. So this wish comes up… a lot. Questions about job stability and which country we will settle in make buying difficult. (a reason not an excuse!)

2. In which we […]

Tea at the Plaza

(apologies for the lame photo this time)

For those of you who love stately old hotels, The Plaza in NYC has recently re-started its afternoon tea service in the Palm Court. The hotel has undergone major renovations over the past couple of years and last time I was in Manhattan, it was closed to […]